Client Testimonials

“Simply put, Courtney has made me a better writer. Whether urging me to look deeper into the scenes of my novel, or editing my creative nonfiction into marketable stories, or assisting in the research and query letters vital to finding a literary agent, Courtney has been brilliant, insightful, and organized as a fly-fisher’s lure kit. Her literary sensibilities are keen and creative, and her broad professional experience is a trusty guide through the turbulent publishing world. And she’s wonderful to work with. Because of Courtney, my novel has become much more than I could have imagined. ”
~David Guiotto—Author of The Distances

I first met Courtney in our writing workshop at Bread Loaf in Vermont in 2016, and have been fortunate to have her as part of my writing community since then. As a reader of your work, she is alert to what is working and not working in your piece and is able to clearly communicate her questions and concerns. She has a tremendous ability to both be a detail-oriented copy editor and to ask the big questions about direction or effectiveness of a piece. Partially this is because Courtney brings to workshop and editorial feedback her background in literary criticism as well her training in craft as a fiction writer. It’s a wonderful combination. I always benefit from hearing her perspective on my—or others’—stories. Her feedback always lingers with me; I find myself mulling over her suggestions long after our conversation has ended. 
~Kristin Walrod—Writer, Educator, & Advocate

“As a Writing Specialist for quite a few years at a two-year college, I know a thing or two about proofing, editing, and all the rest that goes with the writing process. Until, that is, I had the good fortune to have Courtney Harler review the first chapter of a memoir—of sorts—I’ve been working on, in fits and starts, for a few years now. Courtney went through it with the proverbial fine-tooth comb with regard to virtually all aspects of the process. Her critiques and constructive comments on content, paragraph structure, clarity, and style were helpful and incisive. And, she finessed it all with eagle-eyed proofing and editing skills. Courtney’s high-quality work pleased and humbled me in equal measure. I recommend her to anyone interested in polishing their diamond in the rough.”
~Zend Lakdavala—Author of Man Manqué

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